Animal Sexual Abuse Information & Resources

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Bestiality is an equal-opportunity problem - dogs, horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and cats are among the species that have been reported as being sexually assaulted.  Depsite the fact that animal sex abuse has occured for generations, few resources exist to assist veterinarians when presented with a case of suspected animal sexual abuse.  

It's not unusual for animal sex abusers to avoid seeking regular vet care, and sexual penetration may go unnoticed, even if the animal is brought into the clinic regularly.  More often, an animal only come to the vet's attention when it is injured or an infection develops.  

For Veterinarians

•  Animal Sex Abuse 101: who does it and how

•  What to do if you suspect animal sexual abuse

•  Mandated reporting and ethical considerations

•  Available research and case studies

•  Zoonotics

•  Working with law enforcement, prosecutors and the media

•  The veterinarian's role in an investigation

•  Forensic examination including DNA collection

•  Preparing reports and expert witness testimony

•  Working with law enforcement, prosecutors and the media

•  Post-trauma behavior

•  The role of Veterinary Social Work


This 4-hour course focuses on techniques for assesing animal sexual abuse, and working with law enforcement and prosecutors when called as an expert witness.  Existing research is highlighted. Case-specific examples are used to highlight animal injuries, behavior, and outcomes.  Case studies, including photographs, court documents, and evidence examples are used extensively. Instructors vary by location but generally include a detective, investigator, veterinarian, and/or prosecutor. Course is restricted to Veterinarians and Veterinary Assistants. Course fee: $195; no fee for veterinary students with valid ID.



So glad I heard about this class. There's not enough training for vets on this issue.  

                             DVM, Fla.

Appreciated the section on ethics and mandated reporting. Forensics flowchart will be especially hepful.         

                              DVM, Ariz.

I work in a small animal clinic and recently had a client tell me she suspected her boyfriend of abusing her dog. I wish I had taken this class before that happened; I would have known what to do.

                              DVM, Texas