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Father to serve six years for sexually abusing two daughters

October 26, 2018

IRELAND - Patrick Byrnes, 78 sexually abused two of his nine children over a period of ten years, beginning when the girls were each 7 years old. The abuse took place about 20 years ago, and both women elected to testify so their father's name would be released to the press. One woman told the court, "I hated my childhood, he robbed me of it." The other woman said she had loved animals as a child, but after their father forced her to have sex with the family dog on multiple occasions, she couldn't bear to be near the animal.

Coercion to commit bestiality is an overlooked area of research, but our studies show that it is not uncommon that children are often manipulated or forced to perform sex acts with a family pet. The sex acts are often filmed or photographed and used to theaten the victim to remain silent about the abuse. These hidden victims continue to suffer throughout life and often do not seek treatment because they are embarrassed and believe they are alone in their experiences.



Illinois, USA - Matthew David Allen, 37 was arrested last summer after posting a video on Facebook of himself performing a sex act on his female German Shepherd. His dog was seized, and he was arrested on charges of bestiality. Evidence indicated he had sex with at least one other dog. In May he was sentenced to 18 months to the Illinois Department of Corrections for this class 4 felony.  Allen has a prior criminal history for drugs, theft, and domestic violence.  

Indiana, USA - Dora William Gaylor Wysckocil, 43 took a little too long to walk the dog. When his girlfriend went to check on Wysckocil, she found him behind the garage, sodomizing the puppy. Wysckocil is a habitual offender with criminal history dating to 2003, including home invasion, drug possession, and elder abuse. He told officers he didn't remember abusing th dog.

Kansas, USA - Justin Eugene McClellan, 56 was caught by his girlfriend having sex with their 5-month-old male Pit Bull puppy. McClellan then beat his girlfriend in an attempt to keep her from going to the police. McClellan was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty, criminal sodomy, and misdemeanor domestic battery. McClellan has a prior record for dealing drugs, car theft, child endangerment, and use of a deadly weapon. The puppy showed signs of prior sexual abuse.

North Carolina, USA - On May 11, April Nichole Pitchford, 28 was indicted on federal charges in connection with her arrest in 2017 for indecent liberties with a child and peeping for the purpose of making child pornography. Pitchford was the third person indicted in connection with an investigation into Josehua Douglas Martorelli and Wendy Arlene Kasper. In 2016, Kasper provided her boyfriend Martorelli with multiple images of her having sex with a dog and images of an 11-year-old girl while she was in the bathroom.Martorelli admitted to chatting with the two women on facebook and Tumblr and has been charged with felony sexual exploitation of a minor. Kasper accepted a plea deal in 2017 in exchange for testifying against Martorelli, and was sentenced to 60 days, suspended for two years.  

Tennessee, USA - Michael Ray Jemison, 30 was caught on surveillance camera having sex with a mare (female horse). Jemison fled before officers could arrive, but then returned to the property and was apprehended when he attempted to have sex with the horse a second time. Jemison told the officers he was drunk and sneaked into the barn to avoid a DUI. He was arrested on two counts of bestiality, trespassing, and evading arrest. Jemison was convicted in 2010 for sexual exploitation of a minor.

Virginia, USA - Martin Glenn Carey, 56 is a registered child sex offender with a petty criminal history of passing bad checks and speeding. Carey was arrested for forcible sodomy in 2015, but the prosecutor declined to take the case forward. In 2017 he was arrested for taking indecent liberties with a child when he was in a custodial position, or position of trust with the victim. He received a four-year sentence (all suspended) and was required to register as a sex offender. In early May 2018 Carey told his parole and probation officers that he had been having sex with his Bull Mastiff for the past nine months. Because he was on probation at the time of this arrest, he may or may not be charged with this latest sexual assault, but will likely have to return to prison to serve out remaining time on the indecent liberties conviction.

Washington, USA - Kristen Snyder, 28 and her husband Russell were charged with multiple counts of bestiality as well as additional charges. The couple are divorced but the charges stem from Kristen taking bestiality selfies with two dogs and sending them to Russell. She claims she took the images at Russell's request. Russell, however, decided to use those images against Kristen and threatened to make them public. Kristen was previously charged with assault, and Russell was previously arrested for robbery.  


Massachusetts, USA - Luis M. Silva, 53 was arrested in early May for sexually abusing a girl under the age of 14. The victim said Silva use sex toys on her and abused her on more than one occasion. Silva has known his victim since she was much younger, and claimed she had been coached to accuse him of sexual abuse; however, Silva was previously accused of giving alcohol to minors and showing them pornography in 2004. Silva admitted to officers that he had searched for animal pornography on his cell phone. He has been charged with 3 county of sexual assault of a child.

Missouri, USA - Two men were arrested in Missouri for possession of child and animal pornography during May. Christopher James Lane, 32 was arrested after his roommate saw child porn on Lane's phone. After forensic investigation, officers found not only child porn, but pornographic anime depicting characters like Scooby Doo having sex with children. Lane was previously investigated for two separate incidents of child molestation.

Duffy Dean Woodman, 32 was arrested for molesting and sodomizing a 10-year-old girl, and having child pornography in 2015. At the time, Woodman's girlfriend Misty Obermark was arrested for child endangerment and tampering with evidence related to Woodman's case. When officers seized Woodman's electronics -which included two laptops, two tablets, 3 cellphones, and a 700MB CD, they found child erotica, animal porn, and anime images of children in sex acts. Woodman was sentenced to 15 years in prison without possibility of parole for child molestation and possession of child pornography.

Pennsylvania, USA

Anna Lynn Durbin, 25 was found guilty of the 2015 sexual abuse of a boy (then 14). Durbin is among several people who sexually abused the boy from the age of 9. This s a complicated case involving defendants in multiple states, at least some of whom were also involved in bestiality.

One man was acquitted of raping an 8-year-old boy while wearing a furry costume. The minor, who is now a teen, told investigators that Kenneth Fenske, 59 was one of several men who sexually abused him as a child when he ws taken to a series of "furry parties". Fenske, whose fursona is LupineFox, has been involved in the furry lifestyle since 2005, and has held regular group get-togethers at his home in Quakertown, Pennsylva.  

Tennessee, USA - Charles Wesley Bush, 38 may have to stay at Fort Dix a little while longer. Bush and at least eight other inmates - all convicted on child pornography charges - were caught sharing an SD card that contained nearly 3,000 images and videos of child in sexual situations including bestiality and S&M. The inmates colluded to download the images, store them on an SD card, and then pass the card from prisoner to prisoner. Bush got caught holding the card, in a sort of perverted game of Old Maid.

Wisconsin, USA - Jason M. Morrison, 39 was charged with 15 felony counts of possession of child pornography and images of bestiality. The investigator stated the images were "some of the worst I've ever seen".


Louisiana, USA - On May 25 Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a new bestiality law which immediately went into effect. Prior to the signing of Act 485, bestiality was called a crime against nature, and was part of a controversial law that also prohibits incest as well as anal and oral intercourse between adults. The new law is comprehensive, and includes prohibitions against any sexual contact with an animal, as well as filming the act, factilitating another in the commission of the act, allowing it to happen on premises under the person's control, and soliciting an animal for sex through advertising or other means.  

Hong Kong - The Law Reform Commission has been reviewing sexual offense laws in order to streamline and improve them. Offenses under review include bestiality, necrophilia, incest, indecent exposure, as well as other sexual offenses. As a field expert in bestiality, I cooperated with the committee to redefine the bestiality law.


An untold number of people are convicted each year for charges involving pornography. Specially trained detectives and investigators search the Web for obscene images. Employees of social media sites like Facebook and Reddit, as well as internet service providers like Google and Microsoft, experience extreme burnout after spending a year or more weeding out illegal and abhorent content. This article gives a great description of how the task of stopping illegal images at the border is handled by Canadian Customs agents.

Studies have shown that people can become addicted to watching porn. Here's an excellent four-minute video from the perspective of a former pornaholic.


Canada - Bestiality, gang rape, and threats were among the charges laid against two Ontario men - David Stewart, 43 and Wayne Beau McAllister, 38. The men have multiple sexual assault allegations dating back to 2000. Mahlon Inksetter, 51 of Ottawa was arrested for "one of the largest and worst" collections of child pornography, which included images of children and toddlers in sexual situations including bestiality and S&M. Inksetter's attorney was successful in convincing the judge that his client turned to child porn to numbe out the reality of dealing with a schizophrenic ex-girlfriend.

Kenya - In Nairobi, a nine-year old boy contracted brucellosis after being bullied into having sex with street dogs. In Nairobi a prostitute will do snakes, dogs, and drumsticks for money. In Zimbabwe a boy was caught raping a goat. In Kangundo a 24-year-old man had sex with a cow. Multiple boys were arrested for having sex with cows and goats in Kisii county, and a man was forced to marry a cow after having sex with it.

New Zealand - Between 2013-17, more than a thousand people were charged with offenses against the public order for sexual standards, which includes flashing, streaking, lewdness, bestiality, and necrophilia. Among them was likely a grandmother/prostitute who uses bestiality pornography to demonstrate her wares, and who planned to prostitute her granddaughter.

Scotland - Daniel Mark, 21 was arrested the second time for possession of animal and child pornography. Dannie Garden, 25 of Aberdeen coerced a woman to have sex with a dog and then posted the images on Facebook.

Wales - Robert Gwynn, 60 was sentenced to 3 years, suspended for two, for having sex with two male Bedlington Terriers.

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