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Why is Bestiality Illegal?

February 12, 2016

Some question whether bestiality should be criminalized. For "conscientious zoophiles" - men and women who care not only romantically for their companion animals, but who otherwise provide an appropriate level of health and home-care, the question gets raised - If the animal isn't injured, what's the harm?  Read more.

Michigan Passes Law Making Sodomy a Felony ... well, sort of

February 12, 2016

State Senator Rick Jones (R) introduced a bill in the 2016 legislature to update an existing animal cruelty law, as part of a package of laws designed to improve animal protection in the state. Passage of the bill resulted in a flurry of headlines that made it sound as if a new law had been passed banning sodomy, which is generally taken to mean intercourse between same-gender partners.  

What actually happened was the language of an existing bill was streamlined to make it easier to understand.  Unfortunately, what didn't get fixed was the language that links sodomy to bestiality.  What everyone’s up in arms about is that Michigan is one of the few remaining states that have not formally repealed laws aimed at same-gender relationships.  Read this article for more info.

Pornography Laws and Bestiality

Defining what is obscene or pornographic vs. merely erotic or sexy can be difficult.  Erotic material tends to arouse sexual desire or excitement.  Pornography and obscenity do that too, but take the imagery one step further.  Sometimes a big step further. [Read more]

Women and Bestiality: Is the problem growing?

Bestiality has been happening for centuries, and women have always been involved.  To be fair, the indications in ancient art and history are far fewer than those for men, but they do exist. [Read More]

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: A horrific case of incest, child abuse, and bestiality

LAS VEGAS, NV - During 2014, there was a dramatic rise in the number of bestiality cases involving couples as well as children.  One of the most horrific examples was uncovered in September, in a quiet residential neighborhood in Las Vegas. [Read more]

What makes for "sick" sex?

When it comes to sex, what is considered unusual or deviant differs not just from person to person, but among mental health and legal professionals as well.  [Read More]

What happens if there's no law against bestiality?    

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - In November 2014, Hakan Yucel, 45 was spotted on a CCTV surveillance camera approaching a black and white dog on the streets of Istanbul.  He can be seen dropping his trousers and holding the dog by the neck  [Read more]

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