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"The good detective is the investigator who, when all leads have been exhausted, knocks on one more door."  Nick Lecakes, Chief Inspector NYSP, ret.

Arrests for bestiality have occurred in every state in the US, yet officers and detectives are seldom prepared when a case is reported.  Animal sex offenders range from those with a romantic interest in animals to those who kill for sexual pleasure, and a growing number of cases have involved making and distribution of animal pornography involving children as young as infants.  My research indicates that as much as 40% of bestiality offenders are also involved in other criminal acts - in particular child sexual assault and exploitation.

Consulting and pre-investigative services are available to all enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

For Enforcement Officers and Detectives

This 4-hour course will provide POST-level instruction on the profiles, laws, and evidence that will end in successful prosecution.  Case studies, including photographs, court documents, and evidence examples are used extensively. Instructors vary by location but generally include a detective, investigator, veterinarian, and/or prosecutor. Attendees will receive password access to propriatary database (NIBRS-level detail).  Course is restricted to LEOs, ASOs, or HOs. Course fee: $195. Agency discounts apply.

•  Bestiality:  what it is, who does it, and why

•  Handling a case as sexual assault vs. animal cruelty

•  Suspect profiles, interview questions, "code words"

•  Applicable laws and "gotchas"

•  Developing probable cause

•  Links to child abuse/exploitation or other crimes

•  Evidence to look for and what MUST be included in the warrant

•  Handling animal evidence (living or dead)

•  DNA collection and working with veterinarians

•  Prepping for the DA and trial

•  Stings, undercover, and cyber research


Elite materials! This class should be presented to LEOs at every level. Det. CA

Great job! We are much better prepared to handle this kind of case now. ACO, VA

The speakers were very knowledgeable; glad we have someone to refer to. LEO, TX

I would recommend this class to others. Det. WA

This class was thought-provoking and enlightening. LEO, CO