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•  Bestiality, Zoophilia, Zoosexuality

•  Criminal law and sexual offenses

•  Links between bestiality and criminal behavior

•  Impact of the Internet on deviant behavior

•  Recidivism



•  Original research demonstrating the link between bestiality and other crimes

•  Development and passage of legislation in nine states and two foreign countries

•  Original courseware for law enforcement and social psychologists



•  Arrest and Prosecution of Bestiality Offenders in the U.S. 1975-2015, Edwards, MJ. Submitted for publication June 2018.

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My introduction to human-animal sexual interaction:

In 2005, a Washington resident died of septic shock after his colon was perforated from being sodomized by a male horse. I was involved in rehabilitating one of the victim's horses.

At that time, there were  no resources for dealing with animal sexual abuse, not even a law prohibiting bestiality in Washington.

That first horse led to work with other animals, assistance with investigation of suspected animal sexual abuse, development of legislation, and courses specifically for law enforcement (then prosecutors and social workers and veterinarians), research, article publication, expert witness testimony in prosecutions, and a return to university to study criminology, law, and social behavior.

M. Jenny Edwards

Independent Researcher and Field Expert in Animal Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

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