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Bestiality, Zoophilia, & Zoosadism information & resources


I am a criminologist with a cross-discipline background in law, psychology, and education. I specialize in deviant sexual behavior involving animals, and am a nationally recognized field matter expert in zoophilia, bestiality, and zoosadism. My focus is on people who commit these crimes - why they do it, the impact of their behavior on our societies, and how to prevent future offending through enforceable laws and appropriate sentencing and treatment for offenders.

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*  Consultations or pre-investigative assistance for enforcement officers, detectives, and prosecutors

*  Expert witness testimony

*  Specialized training on offender behavior, evidence collection, and case management

*  Detailed proprietary database of more than 10,000 offenders and incidents worldwide

*  Legislative assistance

*  Research - current project, Summer 2023:

    "The role of veterinary medicine in investigation and prosecution of animal sex abuse cases" (working title)


Feel free to leave a message of any length. All information provided is protected and confidential.

email is the best way to reach me but if your matter is urgent please call 425.522.3335.  Please note in your message if you are a prosecutor or law enforcement professional, as these requests receive priority response.

Initial consults are provided free of charges; fees for training and other services vary. References available.