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Animal sexual abuse and exploitation is a criminal offense throughout the United States. And that’s for good reason - cases across the country have involved animal injury including genital mutilation, possession of animal and child pornography, child sexual abuse, drug and human trafficking, and offenders who travel to other states and even foreign countries specifically to have sex with animals ranging from dogs and horses to dead animals.

The goal of this 4-hour certification course is to provide criminal justice professionals with the necessary skills to investigate and prosecute cases of animal sexual abuse. Using actual case examples, attendees will learn about offender profiles and how animal sex abuse differs from other animal cruelty or human sexual assault investigations, links to other crimes being committed and applicable laws, and how to work with para-professionals and expert witnesses to conduct cyber investigations and forensic exams of both perpetrator and victim.

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This course was well done and very informative. I work in the child crimes unit, and this was a real eye-opener. -- Det., King County Sheriff's Office, Seattle WA

Information on case law was very helpful. Edwards was extremely knowledgeable about animal sex offender motivation and the connection [of animal sexual abuse] to other crimes. -- Prosecutor, Marion County IN

Edwards is knowledgeable and candid about a tough topic. Great resource. Dep. Prosecuting Attorney., Boulder CO

This was a great presentation. The instructor provided clear, professional, realistic information on what to look for and how to work with other departments. Enforcement officer training, MI

This was the first time I had worked a case involving animal crushing. Ms. Edwards was referred to me by the prosecutor's office, and her knowledge and assistance was invaluable in getting [the offender] prosecuted.   -- CID Detective, Indianapolis IN

My only complaint about this [half-day] class is that it wasn't longer. Enforcement officer, Baltimore MD

Ms Edwards' presentation really made me think about past incidents that we might have looked deeper into. I will be looking at those files as a result of this presentation. -- Special Victim's Assistant Unit, Crime and Victimization Conference,  MN

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4-hour CLE course

4-hour CLE course

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