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Alabama trio arrested for coercing disabled man to perform sex act on a dog.

Jan. 23 - Van Christopher Havis, 53 and Holly Renae Debord, 36 were arrested on Jan. 17 and charged with sodomy, bestiality, and drug-related charges. Havis was already on probation at the time of the arrest.  

Yesterday, a third suspect was arrested. Frederick Steve Cookston, 62 has also been charged with bestiality. According to the Marshall County Sheriff's Office, Havis coerced a mentally disabled male to perform a sex act on an animal while Debord filmed the act. Cookston's role is unclear.

Jan. 20 - Chet Lowry was arrested in Susanville on January 8 and charged with one count of bestiality and 33 counts of possession of child pornography.

Julie Cunningham, 54 of Longmont was arrested last year on charges of child sexual assault, production and distribution of child pornography, and possession of animal pornography. On Jan. 16, in exchange for pleading guilty of child porn possession, two sexual exploitation charges have been dropped. She is currently out on bond, awaiting sentencing.  

Sexy Vegan, 37 of Hollywood was arrested in September afting being charged with misdemeanor bestiality and possession of obscene matter. Vegan pleaded no contest ealier this week, and was sentenced to two years' probation for one count of disturbing the peace.



Clark County, Nevada has proposed a county ordinance to ban crush videos in order to bring state laws in line with federal laws.

Brevard County, Florida passed an ordinance to create an Animal Abuser Registry.

The State of Tennessee is considering a bill to to prohibit convicted bestiality and other animal cruelty offenders from owning or caring for a pet for two years.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is proposing an "Animal Cruelty Conviction List" that would be maintained by the Virginia State Police.

Canada has passed a law prohibiting convicted animal sex offenders from legally changing their name in order to deter detection.

Nigeria's National Film and Video Censors Board has recently destroyed illicit and illegal animal and other obscene videos worth over $2 million.

Four states and two countries upgrade laws relating to animal sexual abuse