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Animal Sex Abuse







Animal Sex Abuse


Bestiality and the Link to Child Sexual Assault

June 5, 2019

There's a growing body of evidence that bestiality can be linked to human sexual assault. A recent study examining bestiality-related arrests in the U.S. determined that as much as 32% of the offenders also sexually abused children and adults.

Recent accounts of animal sex abuse confirm that child sexual abuse and exploitation occurs with some regularity.  

In California, horse boarding and training facility owner Christian Clews (now 54) has just received a reduced sentence related to child pornography charges filed in 2016 despite allegations that he sexually abused multiple 11-15 year-old girls over a 20-year period. The abuse included manipulating his young clients into having sex with his dogs, sex with his then-wife, and even sexually abusing his then-toddler son - all of which he caught on camera.  

In March, the Mesa, Arizona police department responded to a report that Michael Navage, 40 was sodomizing a cat while taking a shower. On June 3, Navage was charged with luring a minor for sexual purposes after he arrange to meet a 14-year-old girl who turned out to be an undercover officer.

On the same day Navage was arrested for solicitation, an Ohio man was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for the attempted rape of a 15-year-old female. Douglas Waddell, 49 has a long history of criminal and antisocial behavior including the 1993 rape of an Ohio teen, and at least three "nuisance" citations for sexually abusing his dog.

In August last year, Indiana resident Christopher Hohnstreiter, 46 was arrested for soliciting sex from two children under the age of 16. During the investigation, officers found a video on his cellphone of his girlfriend Melissa Jo Turner, 46, lying naked on a bed with a Pit Bull puppy. Hohnstreiter can be heard in the background encouraging the dog to perform a sex act on Turner.

Last month, a volunteer at the Rancho Cucamonga church in California was arrested and charged with raping a child under 10 multiple times. Christopher Sjaarda, 38 was also charged with bestiality and felony possession of child pornography.








Animal sex abuse (also known as bestiality) is intentional, sexually-motivated contact between a person and an animal. It is abuse whether penetration or injury occurs.

Sexual abuse of an animal is illegal in the U.S. and most foreign countries. See LAWS for more info, and SEMINARS for course information and registration.

Our understanding of zoophilia (sexual interest in animals) and sexual contact with animals (SCA) has grown significantly 20 years.

Here is where you'll find summaries or commentaries on research related to zoophilia and animal sex abuse.

The number of reported incidents of sexual contact with animals (SCA) has risen dramatically and steadily since the early 2000's.. SCA has been linked to interpersonal violence, child and adult sexual abuse, and other forms of criminal and antisocial behavior.  Click below to see case examples.

Sexual contact with animals (SCA) is illegal thorought most of the United States, and is illegal in all 50 states if injury or death occurs.

New legislation is introduced across the country each year.  Click here to find current and proposed laws.