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M Jenny Edwards

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Bestiality (sometimes incorrectly referred to as zoophilia) is the intentional sexual conduct or contact between a human and an animal.

Bestiality is specifically illegal in most US states; please check for current laws in your jurisdiction.  

Bestiality has been linked to a number of other criminal acts such as pedophilia, making and distribution of extreme pornography, and aggravated cruelty toward humans and animals.



There is no single profile that fits all animal sex offenders just as there is no single profile that fits all human sex offenders.  

While the majority of offenders are white, middle-aged men, the number of women and couples is rising.

Incidents have been reported worldwide, so ethnicity, race, gender, and even primary sexual preference can vary.



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Injuries from rectal penetraton: fisters vs. zoophiles

August 10, 2017

A Polish professor and psychiatrist, Dr. D. J. Sendler has recently published an article comparing the type of injuries sustained from pleasurable vs. pathological rectal stimulation and injury. Sendler discusses injures found in four men diagnosed with zoophilia and compares the injuries to those sustained from fisting. Fisting involves inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum, and injuries occur typically through repetitive stretching of the sphincter and anal canal. Injuries from being sodomized by an animal are more unpredictable, and may occur more inside the anal canal. Sendler's article is being published in the next edition of the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

Queensland adds bestiality to list of prohibited offenses

September 8, 2017

In Queensland, Australia, in order to work with children, the practitioner is required to obtain a Blue Card and then remain in good standing. The Blue Card system screens potential employees who want to work with children in child care, education, sports, and cultural activities, as well as foster parents and others who practice social work. During the screening process, individuals may be disqualified for having committed acts of violence or sexual abuse of a child.  

Disqualifying offenses have recently been expanded to include bestiality, kidnapping and child abduction. In addition, prior history related to domestic violence and criminal acts committed in other countries will also be considered. [Read more]

Serial Animal Rapist asks for chemical castration

September 15, 2017

Michael Bessigano of Hobart, Indiana, probably has the most extensive record for bestiality in the world. His preferred animal is chickens, although he's also been known to molest geese and dogs. He was first arrested in 1991, in January for sexually molesting his neighbor's geese, and in December for molesting chickens. In both cases, the birds were found dead. He has been arrested and released at least seven more times since then.

Bessigano has been institutionalized repeatedly, but each time he has not been able to control his impulses. Although there's no formal diagnosis, it's possible he has a sex addiction. But like many addictive or other mental health issues, the only effective treatment is abstention.

Bessigano is now scheduled for release again, and has asked the court to consider him for chemical castration. The judge has ordered a second hearing to discuss the matter. [Read More]