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Animal Sex Abuse







Animal Sex Abuse


Pittsburgh attorney suspended from legal practice

July 2, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA - Ivan DeVoren was a partner with a Houston lawfirm until 2013, when he left to start a solo practice. By 2018 he was practicing law out of his Pittsburgh apartment, where he lived with his dog Snoopy, a six-month-old yellow Lab.

In February 2018 DeVoren was arrested after neighbors complained of "disgusting" sounds coming from DeVoren's apartment.  One neighbor reported he would wake up to sounds of a chair rocking and a dog crying, and that it happened three or four times a day, day and night. Another neighbor said the sounds made his wife cry, and were so disturbing they had to leave their apartment.








Animal sex abuse (also known as bestiality) is intentional, sexually-motivated contact between a person and an animal. It is abuse whether penetration or injury occurs.

Sexual abuse of an animal is illegal in the U.S. and most foreign countries. See LAWS for more info, and SEMINARS for course information and registration.

Our understanding of zoophilia (sexual interest in animals) and sexual contact with animals (SCA) has grown significantly 20 years.

Here is where you'll find summaries or commentaries on research related to zoophilia and animal sex abuse.

The number of reported incidents of sexual contact with animals (SCA) has risen dramatically and steadily since the early 2000's.. SCA has been linked to interpersonal violence, child and adult sexual abuse, and other forms of criminal and antisocial behavior.  Click below to see case examples.

Sexual contact with animals (SCA) is illegal thorought most of the United States, and is illegal in all 50 states if injury or death occurs.

New legislation is introduced across the country each year.  Click here to find current and proposed laws.

Devoren, a cocaiine and heroin addict, was arrested and charged with 10 counts of felony aggravated animal cruelty, 10 counts of sexual intercourse with an animal, and 4 counts of possession of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. In March 2019, additional charges were filed against DeVoren after neighbors reported hearing a gun being discharged inside his apartment. DeVoren claimed he had just dropped a spaghetti pan, but officers removed two weapons, ammunition, holsters, and three crack pipes, and charged him with endangerment, firing a weapon inside an occupied structure, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In subsequent court proceedings, DeVoren's attorneys claimed DeVoren had been clean for ten months, and said the suspicious sounds heard by neighbors were simply neurological tics exacerbated by DeVoren's drug use. In January 2019,  DeVoren accepted a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to the drug counts, the weapons charges, and to disorderly conduct. He also agreed to surrender Snoopy permanently and not have any contact with animals or weapons. In return, the District Attorney dropped all animal-related charges.  DeVoren was given six months' probation and temporarily suspended from law practice.

When officers responded to the complaints, they found drugs and paraphernalia, and removed Snoopy from the apartment, along with sheets and dog bedding. The dog was taken to a vet, who later testified she found internal injuries after examining Snoopy; however, another vet said the dog was not sexually abused.