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Animal Sex Abuse




Texas Teen arrested for bestiality and sexual assault

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - A 17 year-old high school student has been arrested and charged with bestiality and sexual assault. Arlington police arrested Raiden Wayne Castle for incidents which took place on May 4. He has been booked into the Tarrant County jail and his bond set at $12,500 for the two charges.

It is unknown how many teens commit bestiality; incidents often go undetected or unreported, and even when arrests occur, records are often sealed. According to a recent study by the Canadian Center for Child Protection, about 13% of individuals arrested for bestiality activity are males under the age of 18.

Oklahoma firefighter had sex with children as well as his dog

HOUSTON, TEXAS -  31 year-old Zackery Blaine Perry has lost his bid for early release. Perry, a former firefighter and member of a clown society that taught children fire safety, was arrested in 2017 for his role in child sexual abuse, production and distribution of child pornography, and having sex with his dog.

Perry was convicted on multiple charges, including bestiality, in 2018 and sentenced to 55 years; at least 85% of which must be served in prison.

Melissa Marie Skelton was also convicted for providing her 6-year-old daughter to Perry so that he could have sex with her during a year-long period.  READ MORE




Animal Sex Abuse


“This is one of the most destructive cases in our community,” Muskogee County DA Orvil Loge said. “It was important that justice be served.”








Animal sex abuse (also known as bestiality) is intentional, sexually-motivated contact between a person and an animal. It is abuse whether penetration or injury occurs.

Sexual abuse of an animal is illegal in the U.S. and most foreign countries. See LAWS for more info, and SEMINARS for course information and registration.

Our understanding of zoophilia (sexual interest in animals) and sexual contact with animals (SCA) has grown significantly 20 years.

Here is where you'll find summaries or commentaries on research related to zoophilia and animal sex abuse.

The number of reported incidents of sexual contact with animals (SCA) has risen dramatically and steadily since the early 2000's.. SCA has been linked to interpersonal violence, child and adult sexual abuse, and other forms of criminal and antisocial behavior.  Click below to see case examples.

Sexual contact with animals (SCA) is illegal thorought most of the United States, and is illegal in all 50 states if injury or death occurs.

New legislation is introduced across the country each year.  Click here to find current and proposed laws.

Ride or Die: Girlfriend has sex with prison inmate's dog

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - In January Jermaine Gaye, 34 was arrested for a hit and run. Gaye has a history of petty crimes, including trespass, possession of fake ID's, disorderly conduct, petit larceny, and making annoying phone calls from inside jail. But this call really got him in trouble.

Using a jail phone, Gaye contacted his girlfriend Ashley Pinkett ,24 and his neighbor Denise Kearney, 35 to encourage them to threaten the witnesses in his case. The two women not only attempted to comply with that request five times between March and April, but also with his suggestion they have sex with his Pit Bull while he listened on the phone. Pinkett also photographed the act.  

Gaye is facing 34 charges including cruelty to animals. Pinkett is facing 20 charges including bestiality and witness tampering. Kearning is facing 7 charges

  Denise Kearney      Ashley Pinkett       Jermaine Gaye