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February, 2024

Satanic Panic Redux

Acts of sexualized animal cruelty - including bestiality and crush videos - are relatively rare. Satanic rituals that involve sexualized animal cruelty are rarer still.

Across nearly 1,000 reported cases of bestiality or sexualized

animal torture in the U.S., ritual totems or acts have been reported

in only three incidents (Edwards, 2024)

In Utah, the State Legislature is considering a bill to criminalize the ritual abuse of a child, making it a second degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Similar laws were passed in the mid-to-late 1990s but later repealed.

In the 1980s and 90s, nearly 12,000 allegations of ritual abuse were investigated. Accusations of cannibalism, child sexual abuse, bestiality, murder, and torture most often came after memories were "recovered" during therapy sessions.

Although a small percentage of these allegations resulted in prosecution, few resulted in convictions, and many of those convictions were later overturned.

Research since the mid-1990s has consistently shown that there is no material evidence exists that there are well-organized intergenerational satanic cults that sexually molest and torture children. (FBI Report, 1992; NCMEC Report, 1994; Cleary, 2022 on The myth and harm of the Satanic Panic).

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Photo: Hamilton County OH Sheriffs Office

Satanic Totems Found

William Bustillos III of Ohio was convicted in 2020 for raping and photographing a five-year-old boy. Some of the evidence against him included pornography involving a toddler subjected to bestiality. At his trial, police testified that Bustillos' bedroom had "a little Satanic ritual set up with cameras and satanic totems."