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There is no single profile that fits all animal sex offenders, just as there is no single profile that fits all human sex offenders.  

While the majority of offenders are white, middle-aged men, the number of women and couples has risen in recent years, and cases have been reported worldwide, so ethnicity, race, gender, and even primary sexual preference can vary.

Bestiality has been linked to a number of other criminal acts such as pedophilia, making and distribution of extreme pornography, and aggravated cruelty toward humans and animals.

On this site, you'll find cases grouped by primary behaviors. New cases and updates can be found on our Facebook page.


Bestiality is a topic that generally provokes a strong reaction, whether its disgust, derision, or discussion.

Although reports of bestiality may seem to be rare, it actually happens far more often than you think, and is likely happening someplace in the world right now.  

Based on proprietary research, the number of arrests for bestiality has risen by more than 600% in the past seven years.

In the NEWS & EVENTS, you'll find links to academic publications, research papers and articles, and commentary on current issues.  

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Bestiality (sometimes incorrectly referred to as zoophilia) is the intentional sexual conduct or contact between a human and an animal.  Penetration may or may not occur.  Semen emission may or may not occur.  Physical injury may or may not occur.  What's important is the sexual motivation or intent of the human toward the animal and how the act is defined by the jurisdiction in which it occurs.

Scott Heiser, an attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, says the lack of bestiality laws in states without them is due more to a lack of awareness than a lack of desire.

Bestiality is specifically illegal in most US states; please check for current laws in your jurisdiction.  



Feds bust convicted felon on gun charges, state to prosecute on bestiality

VIRGINIA - January 30, 2019

In 2017, ATF officers raided Imperial Kennels, serving a search warrant on Richard Allen Patterson, 46, previously convicted on weapons charges. The feds suspected Patterson was buying and selling guns, in violation of his parole. As expected, federal agents seized more than 20 weapons including semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. But they also found a video of Patterson and his wife Christina, 42 having sex with a Doberman in their bedroom. From there, things just got more complicated.

Christina stood by her man. She attempted to have another person generate a false sales receipt; she changed the address of Imperial Kennels in an attempt to invalidate the search warrant; she stole business and other records from a third party; she gave false statements to law enforcement. But it was all for naught.

In July 2018, Christina pleaded guilty to the charges against her and was sentenced to 18 months house arrest. Richard then turned to his teenaged daughters in an attempt to hide evidence or fabricate evidence to prove his innocence. But it was all for naught.

In November, Patterson was convicted for conspiring with his wife to stockpile more than 20 weapons, obstruction of justice, and being a felon in possession of firearms, and was sentenced to serve 8 years in federal prison. But wait, there's more.

That pesky bestiality thing was still hanging over both Richard and Christina's heads, so the feds tossed the case back to Suffolk, Virginia to pursue that part of the case. Both Christina and Richard have now been charged with 6 counts of crimes against nature (bestiality) and 6 counts of animal cruelty. If convicted, they could serve time in a state prison after their federal sentences are completed.

This case is a great example of federal agents and local law enforcement working together to achieve the best resolution for crimes committed. All too often, bestiality charges get dropped in cases whether other "bigger" crimes are happening. And even when bestiality charges are successful prosecuted, sentences generally run concurrently, meaning there's no real penalty for the offender to having committed bestiality.

One more thing: There's another prolem with reducing or eliminating bestiality charges or penalties. It blurs or even hides or the fact that a sexual assault has occurred. The Commonwealth of Virginia is to be commended for not letting that happen here.

Photo Courtest of Chesapeake County Sheriff's Office

Photo Courtest of Western Tidewater Jail