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Bestiality, Zoophilia, & Zoosadism information & resources

Chandler Edwards

Seattle WA



Sexual assault of animals is a growing concerned for enforcement officers nationwide. Research indicates that animal sex abusers are often repeat offenders, are very mobile, and have a criminal history of other forms of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and property crimes.

In this 8-hour class, ou will learn:

- Who is likely to commit these crimes

- What other crimes are likely being committed

- Tell-tale signs that will lead you to an abuser

- What must be included in a search warrant

- Which state and federal laws apply

- Techniques for managing live and dead evidence

- Working with expert witnesses

ENF-8 Animal Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Training

This course provides hands-on investigative training for detectives, enforcement officers, and prosecutors. Students develop practical skills, insight, and knowledge necessary to manage a successful investigation from start to finish, including offender profiles, evidence collection, interviewing skills, and working with prosecutors to appropriate charge offenders.

Key concepts covered in this course include:

* Emerging issues (e.g. zoosadism, revenge porn, solicitation)

* Live and dead evidence collection (including collections and use of DNA)

* Applicable laws and appropriate warrants

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$75 per student


4 hours

Nov. 15, 2023


Opens Oct. 1