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Christopher Sena presented himself as a loving husband and father but he stands charged with incest, felony child abuse, and bestiality.   John L. Smith, reporter

There is a growing realization that bestiality is often linked with child sexual abuse and exploitation.  It's not unusual for a caseworker to be the first professional to uncover bestiality in the home. And studies have indicated that as many as half of the people who have sex with animals have sought, or been court ordered to receive, psychotherapeutic treatment.  Depression, antisocial personality disorder, compulsions, substance abuse, and other paraphilias are all common complaints.   Yet there is virtually no training to assist counselors when animal sexual abuse is suspected or admitted.  Chandler Edwards will pilot training to address therapeutic, legal, and ethical questions that therapists and counselors face when dealing with suspected or admitted bestiality.

For Mental Health or Social Service Professionals

This 4-hour course addresses assessment, therapeutic, legal, and ethical considerations for therapists and counselors when faced with suspected or admitted bestiality.  Existing research is highlighted. Case-specific examples are used to demonstrate the Link between animal and human cruelty.  Photographs, court documents, and evidence examples are used extensively. Instructors vary by location but generally include a detective, investigator, veterinarian, and/or prosecutor. Course is restricted to practicting Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors. Course fee: $195.  There is no fee for graduate or undergraduate students with valid ID.

•  Historical evolution of animal welfare and bestiality

•  Existing and proposed research on bestiality

•  Consent, agency, and personal freedom

•  Confidentiality, Cross-reporting, and the Law

•  How to assess for animal sex abuse in the home

•  Cross-reporting and working with prosecutors and enforcement officers

•  Court-ordered evaluation and treatment options

•  Resources and references for gaining a betterunderstanding and getting involved





Great class! All of the content was excellent.  MSW, Tenn.

Outstanding instructors. Panel Q&A was very helpful.  PhD MSW, Geo.

Subject matter was difficult, but professionally presented, and will be helpful in my practice going forward.

                    MD, MPH, MBA, Calif.