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Research, Laws, & Case Updates


Increased attention is being paid to the incidence of animal sexual abuse throughout the world. Here are highlights of just some of the incidents reported:

BESTIALITY, CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE - Direct sexual contact involving an animal



Jan-2018. In the US, in two different  cases, children and animals were sexually abused. A 26 year-old female was arrested for sodomizing a 2-year-old, which led to the arrest of a 27 year-old male charged with having sex with his German Shepherd. A different couple was arrested after it was discovered the 28 year-old man repeatedly sodomized a child and the 22 year-old stay-at-home mom filmed him having sex with their dog.

Jan-2018. 18-year-old Daniel Bennett was caught trespassing in a barn, wearing a trench coat with burglar's tools in the pocket. He admitted he was trying to molest a 20-year-old mare named Polly. Polly's guardian said she had previously found toilet paper and other incriminating evidence, and thought Polly may have been molested at least ten times in the last month. Bennett was charged with misdemeanor sexual misconduct, second-degree criminal trespassing, and possession of burglar's tools.


Jan-2018. A  couple were arrested for having sex with a friend's dog after they got the idea from reading about another couple who had done the same thing. In a weird twist, they told the judge they needed access to their service dog.

California -Jan-2018. "Little Women: LA" star Briana has filed for divorce from her husband Matt Grundhofer, accusing him of bestiality, abuse, and death threats.

A Missouri veterinarian was arrested after surveillance videos caught him having sex with at least 300 dogs during his 17 years in practice.

Pennsylvania, USA - Jan-2018 Jeremy Paul Shaner, 24 had been hanging out with his neighbor, was asked to leave. Shortly afterward, the homeowner heard her 5-year-old Boxer yelping in the bathroom. She opened the door to find Shaner naked and holding the dog. Shaner has been charged with misdemeanor sexual assault.  


England -

Jan-2018 - Jon Page, 46 has been sentenced to 4 years in prison after investigators infiltrated a chatroom used by dangerous offenders to share child pornography. Under the screenname WolfpupJohn shared his interest in necrophilia and rape involving children. During a search of Page's residence, police found crystal meth, Ketamine (a horse tranquilizer), and 78 images showing Page in sex acts with dogs.  

Germany - Jan 2018. A babysitter spotted a man having intercourse with a pony at the children's zoo

India - Jan-2018. A man named Rathodiya has been accused of having sex with three cows, after three cows were found with their legs tied, and one was dead. Rathodiya was working at the farm and was previously caught having sex with a calf. He has been charged with having unnatural sex with an animal and criminal mischief.

Kenya - Jan-2018. In Manchakos, a man raped two goats to death, and in Wundanyi, a religious leader was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment after being charged with carnal knowledge of a cow.  

Scotland - Jan-2018. Suzy Cairns, 39 downloaded child & aniporn, then filmed herself having sex with her pet Lab, who was coaxed by using whipped cream. The cell phone image was discovered after police investigated her for downloading (nonpenetrative) child porn. She pleaded guilty to 2c of porn possession, and will be added to the SOR.

South Africa - Jan-2018. A 45-year-old Bronkhorstspruit man who was arrested in November for raping the family maid and then forcing her to perform sex act on his dogs, has been found competent to stand trial. Two of the family's nine dogs have been removed from the home.

Turkey - Jan-2018. A video was posted on social media of an 82-year-old man raping a dog in a remote area.

Zimbabwe - Jan-2018. A suspect is on the run after being caught having sex with his neighbor's donkey.

SOLICITATION, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT BESTIALITY - Intended sexual contact with an animal


In the UK, two men used social media apps to broadcast live images of child torture and rape and arranged to meet to commit bestiality.

SEXTING, PORNOGRAPHY, TRAFFICKING - Solicitng bestiality images from a minor, pornography involving an animal, sex trafficking involving an animal

In Australia, a celebrity has been charged with sexual harrassment involving unwanted advances and animal pornography.

A New Zealand man was arrested and charged with a large collection of animal pornography.

Sweden has tried the first case of sexploitation involving teens coerced into performing sex acts with animals.

A Welsh investigation into an illegal mariuana grow led to a collection of more than 3,000 images of child and animal porn.


Laws, Adjudication

Canadians hope to strengthen their laws by introducing a law that expands the definition of bestiality - which is currently defined as anal penetration only.

A child offender was convicted in Massashusetts for causing serious internal injuries to a dog after shoving a soap dispenser into its vagina - an act of rape by penetration with an object. The decision was appealed, and the court ruled that "serious bodily injury" does not apply to animals and overturned the conviction.  

In Ohio, they are still fighting over a law passed in December 2016 that prohibited municipalities from setting a minimum wage, allowed cell phone companies to place equiment on public structures, and made bestiality illegal,