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Bestiality and Zoophilia information & resources


Bestiality and zoophilia are widely misunderstood forms of sexual deviance


Animal sex abuse occurs all over the world and is often connected to other criminal behavior


Laws vary widely with penalties in the U.S. ranging from 30 days to 20 years


Research on this issue is growing, and consultation and specialized training are availble

There is no escape - bestiality is a form of sexual abuse

similar to rape or incest

Photo by Durango PD -

Jonah Barrett-Lesko, mugshot September 2021

What's disturbing about this case is not Barrett-Lesko's ability to elude police; it's that the police recognized the seriousness of the crime, but the judicial system didn't feel the same way. Because of the plea agreement, commission of bestiality will not be part of his record, and he will be able to minimize the acts he committed - in housing, job, and voting applications, for example.   Allowing an animal molester to plead down to tresapassing is equivalent to letting a child molester plead down to loitering.