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Interview for French Parliament and news media in preparation for passage of Article 11 which now imposes penalties for filming or broadcasting sex acts with animals. Suggesting sex acts with animals on dating sites can lead to one year of incarceration. Huge thanks to Benoît Thomé and Animal Cross for including me in the discussion.

Investigative tips for law enforcement and humane officers - Podcast 85 with The Humane Roundup, a series hosted by active and experienced enforcement officers on issues related to animal cruelty.

Zoo, the movie - A docudrama based on the death of a Seattle man who participated in animal sex parties at a farm in Washington state. One of the horses belonging to the decedent came to our farm for care. Note that many of the scenes in the movie are dramatized for effect, and do not represent what actually happened. Specifically, the scenes depicting surgical castration of a horse unrelated to the incident are not indicative of what normally occurs.

Zoosadism - (Long) Interview with an online investigator about the prevalence of videos depicting animal torture and sexual sadism on the internet. WARNING, some background images and content are graphic and disturbing.