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Bestiality and Zoophilia information & resources


Bestiality (sometimes incorrectly referred to as zoophilia) is an uncomfortable topic about which there is little reliable information. Defined simply, it is intentional sexually-motivated contact between a person and an animal, and is specifically illegal in most US states and most foreign countries.

Although reports of bestiality may seem to be rare, it actually happens far more often than you think.  Recent research indicates the number of arrests for bestiality has risen by more than 600% in the past seven years.


There is no single profile hat fits all animal sex offenders, just as there is no single profile that fits all human sex offenders.  While the majority of offenders are white, middle-aged men, the number of women and couples has risen in recent years, and cases have been reported worldwide, so ethnicity, race, gender, and even primary sexual preference can vary.

Bestiality has been linked to a number of other criminal acts such as child and adult sexual abuse, making and distribution of extreme pornography, and interpersonal violence.


- fact sheets, statistics, one-pagers can be found in the Resources section

- case examples are updated daily and grouped by primary case elements (e.g. aggravated animal cruelty, child pornography, etc.).

- existing and proposed laws worldwide.

- articles of interest and summaries of research findings published in academic and scientific journals.

- specialized training for medical, social services, legal, and law enforcement professionals

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