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Animal sexual abuse to become illegal in Washington D.C.

As of this writing, Washington D.C., New Mexico, and West Virginia are the only U.S. jurisdictions without laws criminalizing bestiality. Last week, the Washington D.C. Council approved the final reading of Partisan Bill 20-416 which modernizes criminal codes, including those related to animal cruelty. Under existing laws, non-sexual animal cruelty is  a misdemeanor or felony under Sec. 22; if passed, animal sexual abuse, including depictions of such abuse, will be prohibited under a new Sec. 22A.

It could be months before the Bill becomes law. Unlike other states, District of Columbia, Bills approved by the D.C. Council must then must be sent to the U.S. Congress for review in order to become effective.

India proposes 61 revisions to animal cruelty laws

Stoning and beating of animals is commonplace in India, and sexual abuse of animals is not uncommon. Regardless of the type of cruelty inflicted, punishment in India is slight. A bill is being introduced to substantially revise The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The bill proposes adding a new offense called "gruesome cruelty" which includes bestiality and would be punishable by fines of about $750 U.S. or imprisonment of one to five years.

Friday, November 25 2022

Dutch student gets 10 years for running a dark web site that accepts cryptocurrency

In the past, child porn collectors typically traded images among themselves in small groups, but the darknet has become a breeding ground for "anonymous" exchanges of child pornography and extreme images involving rape, torture, gore, and bestiality. In the Netherlands, Dutch student Michael Mohammad, 26 was entenced to 10 years on November 21 for child sexual abuse and distribution of extreme images. Since around 2012, Mohammad has been running a site called Dark Scandals where he accepted cryptocurrency in exchange for links or downloads depicting extreme and sexually explicit images. An investigation into this operation led to the discovery that in addition to bartering and selling images, Mohammad filmed himself raping several young girls, and directly manipulating or blackmailing dozens of young girls into sharing sesxually implicit images of themselves.

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Bestiality and zoophilia are widely misunderstood forms of sexual deviance


Animal sex abuse occurs all over the world and is often connected to other criminal behavior


Laws vary widely with penalties in the U.S. ranging from 30 days to 20 years


Research on this issue is growing, and consultation and specialized training are availble