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Bestiality and Zoophilia information & resources



*  Investigative assistance for enforcement officers, detectives, and prosecutors

*  Expert witness testimony

*  Specialized training for enforcement, legal, medical, and mental health professionals

*  Data requests based on a detailed proprietary database of more than 10,000 offenders and incidents worldwide

*  Legislative assistance on new and revised laws

All services are provided pro bono; reimbursement for out of pocket expenses is expected.


•  The effect of animal sex abuse on the criminal justice system (working title); accepted for publication in a special edition journal of Social Sciences: Human-Animal Interactions and Issues in Criminal Justice, Fall 2021

•  A comparison of bestiality and sexual violence in England, Wales, and the United States - report coauthored with Mark Randell, submitted for publication to the UK Center for Animal Law, June 2021.

•  Sexual deviance: sexual murder, serial cat killers, necrophilia, zoosadism, and bestiality - study planned with coauthor  Jack Pemment

I am a criminologist with a cross-discipline background in law, psychology, and education, specializing in deviant sexual behavior involving animals.  As a criminologist, my focus is on people who commit crimes - why they do it, the impact of their criminal behavior on our societies, and how to prevent future offending through appropriate sentencing and treatment of offenders.

Since 2005 I have assisted in an untold number of investigations involving the sexual abuse of animals, worked with 22 states to create or improve laws prohibitng bestiality; conducted and published research findings in multiple journals; written countless articles and book chapters; and trained nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and veterinarians on how to detect and investigate suspected incidences of animal sex abuse.

The work I do is a public service, primarily funded through grants and earned revenue from specialized training via Chandler Edwards, a 509(a)(2) organization. But I don't do this work alone. I often engage grad students, volunteers, trusted cybersleuths, and professionals in multiple disciplines to create and improve resources and maintain a comprehensive research library as well as an extensive proprietary database of offenders and incidents.

If I may be of help to you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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