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SME, Animal Sexual Abuse and Exploitation


Description:  Production, possession, or distribution of pornography involving animals and humans.  See also:  CRUSH VIDEO

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Latest Incident

Couple indicted for producing hundreds of bestiality videos

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA - Minton ("Kurt") Morris, 56 and his wife Nina, 52 have been released on bond after being indicted on numerous counts of bestiality for producing bestiality videos.  

Bestialty videos are very popular on the Internet.  Many are available free, but the more graphic and detailed ones are often sold to interested buyers.

During a child porn investigation, it was discovered that Minton Morris had produced more than 250 bestiality videos featuring Nina having sex with one of the family dogs.  Video evidence of juveniles were also found, along with drugs and paraphernalia.  

The Morrises were arrested in September, and initially jailed on more than $6.5 million each.  Minton Morris was released October 1, 2015 after posting a $10,000 bond with the court.  Nina Morris was released on October 12, after posting a bond of $75,000.  

Louisiana considers bestiality a crime against nature, and commission can result in up to five years imprisonment per count.  Child pornogrpaphy is also considered a serious offense.  Fines for possession involving juveniles can be up to $50,000 per count, and production of obscene pornography can result in ten to twenty years imprisonment per count.  


Description:  Request, encouragement, or demand that another engage in bestiality, including inchoate instances.   Promotion of bestiality by another (e.g. filming another having sexual contact w/animal).  Facilitation or promotion of others  to engage in bestiality for recreation or commercial gain on premises under his/her control. Conspiring with another to commit bestiality.  See also:  CHILD SEX OFFENDER

Linked Crimes:    Incest, child welfare endangerment, pornography production & distribution, drug possession, coercion, threats, extortion

Latest Incident

Man forced to commit bestiality as a child convicted for repeated sexual assault of wife, children, and animals

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - November 15, 2016

In December 2015, a 27-year old man was taken into custody for sexually abusing his 9 year-old step-daughter for two years, and his biological daughter when she was aged three. The man also admitted to penetrative sex acts with chickens and attempted penetrative sex acts with the family dog.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to two counts of bestiality, one count of persistent sexual exploitation of a child and one aggravated count of indecent assault. In November, 2016 the man was sentenced to seven and a half years, with three years' probation, and will remain on the sex offender registry for life.

The judge took into account that the man was sexually abused as a child when he was forced to have sexual contact with dogs. He told the court that he was “aroused by the wrongfulness of his sexual behaviour” and agreed to enter a treatment program.

Very little is known about the impact of coerced bestiality as a child, but one recent study indicates a person who had engaged in childhood bestiality is more likely to commit adult interpersonal crimes (Hensley and Dutkiewicz, 2010).  

U.S. Fugitive deported from Canada

ST. THOMAS, B.C. - February 23, 2016

Douglas Byran Spink (alias Douglas LeConte Spink) is being deported from Canada a second time.  Spink is wanted in Washington State for failure to report to jail after a conviction for aiding and abetting bestiality in 2010, when he hosted a registered child sex offender from the U.K. for the purpose of being sodomized by three of Spink's large-breed dogs.  Spink was arrested on several parole violations and returned to federal prison until late 2012. The British national was charged with bestiality and deported.  

After his release from federal detention, Spink was ordered to appear at the Whatcom County, Washington jail in January 2015 for a 90-day stint, but instead, he fled to Canada, apparently taking with him a dog that had gone missing from a farm near where he had been living in Washington.  He was picked up in London, Ontario after behaving strangley in a local store.  When he gave officers misleading and incorrect information, they detained him at the local jail for a couple of weeks and then deported Spink back to the US.  

Not longer after he was returned to the US, Spink again illegally crossed the border, and this time came to the attention of Port Stanley police after his friend's house caught fire, he threatened a local resident with a knife, resisted arrest by Port Stanley officers, and damaged a police cruiser.  He served about three months in jail, and was deported for a second time on February 23, 2016.

There is pending litigation in Jefferson County, Washington in the missing dog case, and a warrant is still open in Whatcom County, Washington for Spink's failure to appear.  



Bestiality cases include a spectrum of behavior.  There is no single profile of someone who is sexually attracted to animals, or who assaults or exploits animals for sexual purposes.  Cases presented here are grouped by the prominent behavior exhibited by the offender.  Chandler Edwards maintains a comprehensive NIBRS-level database of arrested, convicted, and suspected offenders.  If you are in law enforcement and need additional information about a particular case, please email your request and we will respond, usually within 30 minutes.  



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