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M Jenny Edwards

SME, Animal Sexual Abuse and Exploitation


Description:  Knowing or intentional infliction of pain, injury, torture, mutilation, or death of an animal.  Includes forceful penetration with object or body part.  May be ritualistic.  Offender may have a preoccupation with sex or sexual contact with animals.  

Linked Crimes: Domestic violence, aggravated assault,  rape, sexual assault.  

Severe injury or death:

ME (2017) Thomas Wentworth, 55 had sex with his girlfriend's dog and then later suffocated the animal by putting a trashbag over her head and filling it with ether. At the time of the arrest, Wentworth tested positive for alcohol and was on probation for multiple incidences of domestic violence. He was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty, violating probation, and domestic violence assault (stemming from a 2014 assault).

NY (2013) Steven Errante - stole dog from churchyard, raped and then beat it to death with an aluminum baseball bat. Errante was also found guilty of beating his father with a baton.  

CO (2013) Stephen Lee Alexander - Raped roommate's four-month-old cat with pencil-like object. Blood and fecal matter found on the wall; cat thrown into bushes outside apartment building. Necropsy revealed perforated colon, shattered skull.

WORLDWIDE:  (2017) Reece Parke and Bradley Presbury are accused of injuring and raping a pet pig, and killing multiple heritage chickens through decapitation in Dec. 2016. Bestiality charges have been dropped by the prosecutor but evidence may still be presented at May hearing.  Read More

Bondage, Mutilation, Torture:  

FL (2009)- Arsenio Horvath - f Whippet’s legs were duct taped together and a cloth was pressed to her genital area; confessed to sodomizing her multiple times

TX - (2012) Cirillo Castillo - tied horse’s back legs together and raped it.

AL (2010) Eric Easley - tied mini horse’s tail to a post and raped it.

AZ - (2016) Tebo & Vongthongthip.  Three dogs seized after shooting incident; some indication of taped legs or muzzles of one or more dogs. Vongthongthip has previously been arrested for bestiality in OR)

WA - (2015) David Williford. Convicted of child and adult sexual abuse, torture and mutilation of animals

NY - (2014) Christopher Robert Grief. Plushie who’s into child and animal torture

WI (1997) - Barry Herbeck. Sodomized cats. May have broken their necks first.

FL (2007) - Brenda and Wesley Farrell. Nailed small reptiles to a board, stabbed, decapitated them during sex

WA (2013) - Paul Sweeney - registered SO duct-taped F Doberman’s muzzle & legs “to stop barking and digging”. Bestiality not investigated.

SC (2016) - Dog found with head and front legs duct-taped; bestiality not investigated.

PA (2013) - Russell Seese - duct-taped female PitX mouth & legs; bestiality not investigated.

Rape with Object:  

VA (2014) James Michael Foran - had intercourse with empoyer's spayed female dog. Possibly raped with object. Semen DNA linked Foran as the offender.


Crush Videos are a particular form of extreme cruelty that involves filming the act of crushing small animals or invertebrates underfoot. Crush videos are similar to "snuff" films, and constitute a form of obscenity under federal law. The actors in these videos are often dressed or posed provocatively, and while the content itself may not be directly sexual, the videos are marketed to individuals who derive sexual pleasure from the infliction of pain.

Production and distribution of crush videos is a violation of Federal Law - Section 48 - Anti-crush Prohibition Act of 2010.

Description:  Depiction of knowing, intentional crushing, torture, mutilation, and death of an animal.  Production and distribution of crush videos is a violation of Federal Law - Section 48 - Anti-crush Prohibition Act of 2010.

Linked Crimes:  Weapons, Illegal substance possession, Pornography

Case Example:  

Brent Justice and Ashley Richards - Houston TX -

Stephanie Hird, Sara Zamora, Adam Redford - Miami FL -


Description:  Sexual contact or conduct with a dead animal. Animal may have been killed for the purpose of having sexual contact with it, or it may be killed during the process to enhance arousal. The death may or may not involve torture and mutilation. (Strangulation, for example, may generate strong spasms which are pleasuable to the offender.)

Linked Crimes: May be an indicator crime.

Behavioral theories: Offender may have experienced non-sexual violence, abuse or trauma in early childhood that resulted in genital arousal. (Money, 1960)

Case Example:  LIVERMORE, RONALD ALBERT - Prineville OR - 2005, 2007 2015

Livermore was previously arrested in 2005 and 2008 for killing multiple deer for the purpose of having sex with them.  He was arrested again 12/21/15 and booked into the Crook County jail on charges of two counts of first-degree aggravated animal abuse, two counts of first-degree criminal mischief, seven counts of felon in possession of a firearm and 20 counts of unlawful possession of a silencer. His bail was set at $650,000.  

Case Example:  UNSOLVED - Ontario, Canada  - 2016

Multiple pairs of dead coyotes have been found skinned and beheaded between March, 2015 and December 2016 on the campus of Western University in Ontario, Canada. A dead dog was found in mid-December on a dumpster in a commercial area.  The animal had been skinned and beheaded, and the blood drained from its body. Seventeen similar incidents have occurred in the London, Ontario area over the past two years. These incidents are believed to be related, and the working theory is that there is only one offender who is a "zoosadist" - someone who derives sexual pleasure from killing.



Bestiality cases include a spectrum of behavior.  There is no single profile of someone who is sexually attracted to animals, or who assaults or exploits animals for sexual purposes.  Cases presented here are grouped by the prominent behavior exhibited by the offender.  Chandler Edwards maintains a comprehensive NIBRS-level database of arrested, convicted, and suspected offenders.  If you are in law enforcement and need additional information about a particular case, please email your request and we will respond, usually within 30 minutes.  


Brent Justice and Ashley Richards were the first couple charged under the US Anti-crush Video Act of 2010

Ronald Livermore is a serial necrobestialist. He tracks and shoots deer in a rural section of Oregon for the purpose of having sex with them. PHOTO CREDIT: OPD


At least ten coyotes have been found in the London, Ontario area since March 2015. PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Thorn

Addie, al altered female Lab cross,was sexually assaulted and allegedly raped with an object.  Addie required extensive surgery to survive.. Her owner died of a heart attack in 2015 before the offender was found guilty of the attack.