Animal Sex Abuse




Felony animal abuse bill introduced in Wisconsin

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bestiality Bill gets Unanimous Approval from the Wisconsin SenateĀ 

Animal sexual abuse is a complex form of animal cruelty and sexual assault....



The United States (US) is governed by both state and federal laws.  (The opposite of this system is a centralized governance, such as that found in France and Great Britain, where the federal government sets laws for the entire country.)

The US is comprised of fifty states, four territories, and one federal district.  In addition, the US military and indigenous tribes maintain their own sovereignty.  

There is no federal statute for bestiality; however, there are federal laws against obscenity, so investigations should always inlude a search for images created, possessed, or distributed by the offender.  

The remaining jurisdictions vary in terms of what is prohibited and the penalties assessed for infractions. Michigan State University has a comprehensive listing of state laws prohibiting bestiality; however, for specific and up-to-date language you should go directly to the state's site.


Laws vary worldwide just as they do in the U.S. One Wikipedia site has a fairly current listing of worldwide laws prohibiting bestiality; however, note that the site refers to zoophilia, which is a medical term, indicating an atypical sexual interest or fetish, whereas laws prohibit bestiality, which is acting on that sexual interest.