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Child sex offenders

Sunday, July 18, 2021 8:54 AM

Previously convicted child sex offender now arrested for bestiality

Cody Austin Wright, 32 - TexasHOOKS, TX, USA - July 15, 2021 - There's no single profile of an animal sex abuser, but at least a third of them are are also sexual offenders of children.  Cody Austin Wright, 32 of Bowie County, Texas was accused in 2015 of molesting two sisters under the age of 8. He was not prosecuted for those assaults.

Now a 14-year-old girl has come forward after finding Wright was secretly filming her while she was in the shower. She told her mother that Wright had been abusing her since she was 9 (which would have been even 3 years earlier that the previous allegations). During a search of Wright's phone, a bestiality video was found involving a man and a dog matching the description of a dog at Wright's house.  Wright is now facing multiple charges that could add up to 99 years or more in state prison.

Raped boy, solicited girl, had sex with dog 

ENGLAND, North Yorkshire - July 17, 2021 - Kyle Stephenson, 29 was arrested in January after a boy reported he had been raped. During the investigation, Stephenson admitted to also soliciting a girl for sex, and officers found a video of Stephenson having sex with a dog who later died. Stephenson pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Kyle Stephenson, England