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Sunday, December 12, 2021 1:21 PM

Bestiality is a form of sexual abuse similar to rape or incest

DURANGO, CO - October 1, 2021

In late June, Jonah Barrett-Lesko, 26 was caught on surveillance cam attempting to have sex with a horse being boarded at the local fairgrounds. Barrett-Lesko initially fled the scene, leaving behind a backpack containing burglarly tools. In a public statement Detective Tony Meraz said "This case is very concerning based on the sexually deviant behavior of the suspect. We believe there is a public safety concern." 

After returning to the homeless encampment where he was living, Barrett-Lesko bragged about his encounter to several people, and within a week was arrested by Durango PD. Barrett-Lesko, already well known to the police, was charged with animal cruelty and possession of burglary tools. As a result of plea bargaining, however, the animal cruelty charges were dropped and Barrett-Lesko pleaded guilty to trespassing on multiple properties.

This week, while serving time in the county jail on trespassing charges. Barrett-Lesko escaped by climbing over a wall in the rec yard.

 What's disturbing about this case is not Barrett-Lesko's ability to elude police; it's that the police recognized the seriousness of the crime, but the judicial system didn't feel the same way. Because of the plea agreement, commission of bestiality will not be part of his record, and he will be able to minimize the acts he committed - in housing, job, and voting applications, for example.   Allowing an animal molester to plead down to tresapassing is equivalent to letting a child molester plead down to loitering.

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada - July 23, 2021

In the early morning hours of January 15, officers responded to a report of breaking and entering at a horse stable. When they arrived, Ryan Dodd, 30 was caught with his pants down, next to a mini mare whose rump had been smeared with a liberal amount of scented massage oil. Dodd told the police "This is embarrassing [but] it’s not what it looks like”. The mini horse had been tied with one rope around her neck and another around her hindquarters. Her genitalia was very clean, but no evidence of trauma or semen was found. Officers found a pink silicone replica vagina in the pocket of Dodd’s hoodie. Dodd, who was dishonorably discharged from the Canadian military in 2017, told the officers he had been drinking and had done two lines of cocaine prior to going to the barn. In July 2021, he was found guilty of bestiality and breaking and entering. Dodd is expected to appeal.