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Saturday, September 28, 2019 10:54 AM

Controversial former mayor in OK with an open child sexual abuse charge in IL, sexually abused infants, children, ward of court, and performed oral on his dog. 

June, 2022

Cases involving bestiality can be very complex. Often, multiple animals are sexually abused or a single animal may be abused by multiple people. Multiple crimes may have been committed or there may be similar crimes committed across multiple jurisdictions. There may be human as well as animal victims. All too often, animal sex offenders are also sexual offenders of children or vulnerable adults. One such case goes something like this:

In 2014, James Henry Jackson was living in Fulton, Illinois where he ran an ice cream parlor called "Michelle's". James was married to Rebecca, who at the time was working as a Walmart pharmacist in Iowa. A local 15-year-old girl named Paula worked at the ice cream shop. Paula had been a ward of the court since birth, but sometime during 2014 the Jacksons were appointed as her guardians. She moved in with them, and they began to refer to her as their daughter, "Autumn". 

In 2016, Rebecca and James were charged with the sexual abuse of a minor, and in 2017 - possibly to avoid prosecution -  the Jacksons (including Paula/Autumn) moved to Oklahoma to start a new life. In time, James was elected mayor of the City of Wetumka while Rebecca won a seat on the Wetumka City Council. But before long, locals complained about inappropriate public displays of affection between James and Paula. James and Rebecca were under fire by the City of Wetumka for conflicts of interest and financial impropriety. And there was still that pesky sexual allegation left hanging in Illinois.

In March of 2020, FBI agents raided the Jackson home. Equipment and sexually explicit images and material were seized. The State of Oklahoma charged James with bestiality, along with lewd or indecent acts on an infant and a toddler, encouraging a minor to perform indecent exposure, and possession and seclusion of child pornography. Rebecca was charged with possession of child pornography, engaging in a pattern of criminal behavior in multiple jurisdictions, use of a computer to violate Oklahoma statutes, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Now, after two years, this complex investigation is coming to a close - in Oklahoma at least. On June 4, 2022 James Jackson pleaded guilty to four of seven sex-related charges (including bestiality), and on the 13th, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He is expected to be extradited to IL to stand trial for charges of child sexual abuse. Rebecca was given a four-year sentence for her role in the matter. Rebecca provided damning testimony against James, and the judge took into account that she was a child victim of sexual abuse herself. 

Kudos to the prosecutors and law enforcement professionals in Illinois and Oklahoma who have diligently pursued this case.

PA man and woman sexually abused dog. 

2019, May - Douglas Lynn Beck, 52 of West Mead Township, Pennsylvania held his dog down and sexually assaulted it in February, 2019. He also encouraged a woman to sexually stimulate the dog and filmed the act. No charges were filed against the woman, but Beck faces felony charges for criminal use of a communication facility, and misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty and sexual intercourse with an animal,  conspiracy to commit sexual intercourse with an animal, and criminal solicitation of sexual intercourse with an animal.

VA prison inmates girlfriend livestreamed sex with her boyfriend’s dog for his viewing pleasure while incarcerated 

2019, May - Girlfriend has live-streams sex with dog for prison inmate.  NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - In January Jermaine Gaye, 34 was arrested for a hit and run. Gaye has a history of petty crimes, including trespass, possession of fake ID's, disorderly conduct, petit larceny, and making annoying phone calls from inside jail. But this call really got him in trouble.

Using a jail phone, Gaye contacted his girlfriend Ashley Pinkett ,24 (on the right in the photo) and his neighbor Denise Kearney, 35 (on the left in the photo) to encourage them to threaten the witnesses in his case. The two women not only attempted to comply with that request five times between March and April, but also with his suggestion they have sex with his Pit Bull while he listened on the phone. Pinkett also photographed the act.  

Gaye is facing 34 charges including cruelty to animals. Pinkett is facing 20 charges including bestiality and witness tampering. Kearning is facing 7 charges.



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