Animal Sex Abuse




Animal Injury, Euthanasia, or Death as a result of Sexual Abuse

Saturday, September 28, 2019 10:50 AM

2019-02/13. - Fidel Lopez, 51 was arrested in Multnomah County, Oregon on charges of 1st degree aggravated animal abuse. Lopez told officers he was drinking and got upset with his fiancée after she wouldn’t return his calls and texts, so he sexually assaulted her Lhasa Apso. The dog’s injuries were significant enough to require euthanasia. The fiancée told officers Lopez had previously shown his genitals to dogs and was interested in getting a bigger dog than the female Lhasa Apso. Traces of Lopez’ DNA were found inside the dog. In April Lopez was sentenced to 60 days in jail plus 36 months’ probation. As an undocumented alien, he  must also report to ICE for an immigration hearing