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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 8:18 AM


2019, September 24 - Florida sex offender accused of raping young girl and family dog

Joseph Dwayne Philyaw, 38 was scheduled to be released on September 25 after serving two years for lewd and lascivious conduct with a 14-year-old girl. On September 24, however, a different young girl came forward alleging Philyaw gave her drugs, raped her, and forced her to perform oral sex. He is also accused of accepting money from other people who had sex with the girl, and forcing her to watch while Philyaw had sex with the family dog. He is now being held in the Escambia County jail and facing five felony counts of sexual battery with a child under 12,1c of felony battery of a child under 18 by expelling seminal fluid on her, and 1 misdemeanor count of bestiality. Philyaw has a prior history of drug and paraphernalia possession, possession of stolen goods, failure to register as a sex offender, and driving without a license. 

2019, September - Yakima WA man previously arrested for child porn, now admits sexual abuse of boy and dog

After a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Yakima police arrested Daniel Figueroa, 19 who admitted first to downloading child porn and then to having sexually abused a 5-year-old boy. He further admitted to sharing videos of that abuse on the site where he download other child porn. After examination of his electronics, investigators found multiple bestiality images, including videos of Figueroa being orally stimulated by a dog. 

2019, April - Michigan man arrested for bestiality is now facing multiple charges of child sexual abuse.  Michigan police arrested Damien Barton after he sexually assaulted a friend's pit bull. Barton was charged with 1 count of crimes against nature and released pending a hearing. 

In May, A 8-year-old girl came forwrd saying Barton had sexually assaulted her previously. Barton was rearrested and charged with 1 count of first-degree felony sexual assault of a child. After further investigation, additional charges have been laid.



2018-May - OK Oklahoma firefighter had sex with his children and his dog. Zackery Blaine Perry, 32 was arrested in 2017 after a woman reported he had asked her for nude photos of her 8 year-old daughter. At the time, Perry was a firefighter with the Muskogee County Fire Department, and like many child predators, he found a way to be near children by dressing up as a clown to teach kits about fire safety. 

By the time Perry was arrested, he had downloaded or created nearly 3,000 child porn images, including some videos and photos he took of himself having sex with his Rottweiler, as well as images of an adult female having sex with the same dog. Equally disturbing were the thousands of images of child pornography found on Perry’s cellphone, some of which led to Melissa Marie (Humphrey) Skelton (26 at the time of her arreest).

In exchange for money, Skelton not only produced pornographic images of herself and her 6 year-old daughter and sent them to Perry, but she allowed him to spend time alone with Perry, knowing he was going to sexually abuse her. Chats and texts on Perry’s cellphone indicated Skelton was also in the process of grooming her two-year-old daughter for sex with Perry at a later date. 

During a search warrant of Perry’s home, investigators found 3 pairs of girl's underwear, a girl’s shirt, 3 digital cameras and a webcam, 8 smartphones, 4 computers and a tablet, 1 firearm, and lots of portable storage (eg thumb drives) containing about 3800 images of children that were nude or involved in lewd acts. Some of the images found were of Perry having intercourse with, or performing oral sex on, a 6 year-old female, as well as nude images of Skelton’s daughter in Perry’s kitchen.

Perry was charged with sexual abuse of a child under 12,  child sexual exploitation, posession and distribution of child pornography, and crimes against nature (bestiality). In a separate case, Perry and Skelton were charged with conspiracy and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12.  Skelton was convicted in 2017 and sentenced to 30 years in prison, 85% of which must be served before she is eligible for parole. Perry was sentenced in 2018 to 55 years in prison, 85% of which must be served. Both Perry and Skelton will be required to register as sex offenders. 

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Thomas A. Alford commented, “In all my 30-plus years on the bench, I can say with certainty, I have never seen one situation that has left so many victims in its wake. In May, 2019, Perry requested a judicial review to modify his sentences; however, his request was denied. 


June 2022 -  Pennsylvania man shot kitten with BB gun while out on bond for bestiality

In June 2022, Andrew Allen Lengle, 28 was caught on a nannycam having sex with a pitbull-cross while he was supposed to be babysitting. He was charged with second-degree misdemeanor animal cruelty and released on $25,000 unsecured bail. But while he was out awaiting trial, he shot a kitten multiple times with a BB gun, rendering it paralyzed. Lengle has a prior history of criminal mischief, property damage, false imprisonment, terroristic threats, and car theft.