Animal Sex Abuse




The power of law and why you shouldn't mess with Texas

Sunday, September 29, 2019 11:02 AM

As of this writing, all but 46 of 50 U.S. states have enacted laws making bestiality a criminal act. Although Texas law is fairly new, enforcement officers have wasted no time in finding and arresting offenders.

Section 21.09 of the Texas Criminal Code was enacted in September 2017 and is more comprehensive than bestiality laws in most states. In Texas, it is now illegal to have sex with an animal, obtain an animal for sexual purposes, have or take photos or videos of the act, or help/force someone else to do it. Each of these elements is important because a recent study shows that sex acts with animals mimics sex acts with people – including violent acts that result in injury or death.

Since September 2017 at least 16 men and 1 woman in Texas have been arrested, including four high school students, one college student, and a middle school teacher. One offender also had sex with a child and another had sex with two dogs while a minor was in the room. Five more involved child and animal pornography. Three arrests involved drugs, interpersonal violence, rape, and providing an animal for sex by another person (who turned out to be an undercover officer).

In the most recent incident, a 74-year-old rancher was arrested for allowing at least two people to have sex with dogs on his property. According to court documents, Rebekah Little from Houston and Kevin Cook from Baytown met rancher James White online. White invited them to his property in Winnie, Texas for the express purpose of having sex with his two dogs there. When it came to the attention of law enforcement, a search warrant was served, and photos and videos were found showing Cook and Little having sex with the dogs. One of the videos shows White in the background.

For his role in facilitating the crime with two dogs, and for having the bestiality videos showing both dogs being abused, White has been indicted on four counts of felony bestiality. Little and Cook have each been indicted on two counts of bestiality.