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July 2021 was a busy month for people who have sex with animals

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 11:56 AM

JULY, 2021 was a busy month for people who have sex with animals, or just like to watch. A Virginia woman was arrested for having sex with her dog and sharing it via livecam. An Alabama woman was charged with committing incest as well as bestiality. In Massachusetts a young man was caught on surveillance camera having sex with a horse. Another man in Canada was caught in a similar fashion, but instead of penetrating the horse, he brought his own plastic vagina and masturbated while fondling the horse. 

A man in England sent dick picks to a 12-year-old girl and told her she could have sex with his dog (but the girl was fortunately an undercover cop). In Yorkshire, England a 29-year-old man raped a boy, solicited a girl for sex, and had sex with a dog that later died. In Underwood, England, two women and one man were involved in linked cases of bestiality, child pornography, and child sexual assault. A Maylasian man was arrested after he raped a goat to death. A Kenyan man was arrested after raping a chicken. In Zimbabwe a man had sex with a cow because he had been spurned by all women. 

In multiple places around the world, men downloaded or shared bestiality pornography. A Florida man’s stash included child porn and bondage images. A Sydney man also had a huge collection of knives and firearms. A Scotsman had coke, pot, and unprescribed valium along with his porn collection. In Canada a retired RCMP officer, who had previously been accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl, had more than 900 images of bestiality on his laptop. In London, a neurosurgeon collected thousands of images of animal and child pornography over a 15-year-period.  In the Isle of Wight, a registered sex offender breached his probation orders by downloading animal and child porn. A Welshman told officers he downloaded animal and child porn because of depression; he had priors for flashing, assault and battery, and property damage. A porn ring was exposed in Germany that also involved suspects from France, Bavaria, and the U.S. 

Sadly, this litany of cases is not unusual. Animals are sexually abused, raped and tortured, photographed, shared, and abused somewhere in the world every day. Sadder still, this list is only a fraction of the actual incidents that occur, since the vast majority are never reported.