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Female offenders are on the rise

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 9:50 AM

Although far  more men than women are arrested for bestiality, the number of women who are coming to the attention of law enforcement seems to be rising. Little research  has been done to understand the nature and prevalence of female offenders, however, research published last year, indicated that about 14% of all bestiality offenders were female,  most often committing consensual sex acts with animals while being filmed by a male partner.


Since January, there have been arrests in  multiple states involving women. 

In Alabama a couple shared a video on Facebook Messenger in which they forced a mentally disabled man to have sex with a dog. In Nevada, children were given alcohol and then abused on multiple occasions by three men and a woman. Some of the reported acts involved bestiality. 

Ohio investigators removed several animals from a woman's home in February after a video began circulating on social media depicting her having sex with a small dog.  In Indiana, a woman was arrested using a kiosk to develop 19 photos of herself receiving oral from a dog. In March, a "revenge-porn" case surfaced in Pennsylvania after an ex-boyfriend began sharing videos of his girlfriend performing oral on a dog. 

In another Ohio invesgation in late June, officers arrested Tiffany Dawn Riley, 40 after a video surfaced of her performing sex acts with her two Shih Tzus, one of which was pregnant. 

In May, a South Carolina couple were arrested after a child pornography investigation revealed the sexual abuse of a horse. And just this past week, women were arrested in Kentucky, Ohio, and Oklahoma in cases where a dog was sexually abused. Two of those cases also involved the sexual abuse of children. 


In addition to filming themselves in sex acts with animals, some women collect animal pornography, often as a part of a child pornography collection. In Colorado, for example, Julie Ann Cunningham, 55 was sentenced at the end of June to six months incarceration plus six years in a correctional facility but with restricted access to the community. In May 2018 Cunningham sen pictures of a naked child to a man using Facebook Messenger. He contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who contacted the Boulder police. During the course of the investigation, police examined Cunningham’s cell phone and an SD card, finding sexually explicit images of Cunningham, along with more than 20 sexually explicit images of children, and 17 photos and 6 videos depicting bestiality - some of which involved children.  It was also discovered that Cunningham was already under investigation for having sex with a 16-year-old boy. 

More research is needed to better understand both the nature of women offenders and why more of them are coming to our attention.